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The 2024 gold projections for all analysts aren’t upside down

The US Bank Asset Management Group explained that low-interest rates, driven by investors &apos, expectations of reducing federal interest rates in 2024, and the weakening of the United States dollar, had provided some support over the past eight weeks.

Given the future, the crucial question is these optimistic gold prospects! It is whether these trends can be maintained. Weak growth in the American economy is likely to cause small indications that the Fed is considering lowering interest rates to relieve short-term enthusiasm for gold.

Is this a good time to invest in gold?

The trend of rising gold prices depends on the Federal Reserve’s behavior and the evolution of the geopolitical crisis.

If the Fed maintains its current position, it would be appropriate for gold investors. Those who think about gold investments must carefully monitor economic and market events before making decisions.

If that’s true, and interest rates start to drop in the new year, there’s still an opportunity to join the expected upward gold trend. However, experts at are warned not to wait until the price rises. Although investors will drive the high price rise, optimism about the increase in the price by the end of 2023, the precious metal appears to still have room for growth, according to the latest gold price forecast for 2024 (see below).

In short, While experts can provide informed forecasts and gold price forecasts, as with any investment, there is no 100% guarantee.

How to invest in gold in 2024?

Immediate gold trading: The immediate price of gold includes purchasing or selling precious metal, with the exchange occurring at the moment the trade is settled or the “immediate” price. When engaging in instant gold trading, investors open buying or selling centers at the current market price, commonly referred to as the spot price.

Trading or purchasing gold traded funds: Gold traded funds (ETFs) can help investors track the performance of shares in publicly traded gold mining, refining, and production companies. Engaging in the circulation of traded investment funds broadens investors’ exposure and thus helps diversify their portfolios.

Trading or buying gold shares: Gold mining companies and gold mining funds’ shares are another way to invest in gold.

“By investing in the gold industry. By trading, or investing in shares, investors can minimize the risk in their portfolio and create a more diverse investment portfolio.

Analysis of gold 2024 – Analysis of gold art: The price of gold needs to overcome the $2.080 level to change the side view in the medium-term

The price of gold fell in the days following the sharp upward movement on December 4. The weekly time frame presents an interesting picture with a giant candle.

On the negative side, the critical psychological level at the US$2,000 level is expected to be an immediate level of support, followed by the US$ 1,950 level, which intersects with the moving average of 200 days to close, which provides additional support.

Despite the recent decline in gold prices, yellow metal maintains a positive slope, and the less resistant path continues in favor of the upward trend. If prices resume their upward trend, the initial obstacle to be monitored is the $2,050 level, followed by $2.070-2.075 levels. More power will open the door and draw attention to the $2.150 level.

Will the price of gold go down in the next few days?

The daily chart shows upward momentum, with a simple opposite direction following the top swing. The average upward trend indicates a possible increase in gold prices in the coming days and a potential penetration above the main resistance level at $2.080.

If the regression fades from the main level of support, this indicates a possible decline in the price of gold in the days to weeks to come, as the price movement is supposed to continue in the lateral direction we have seen in the last 2-3 years.

To sum up this technical gold analysis, it would increase the likelihood that the spectacular rise to record levels would be that this multi-year coherence could turn into a new emerging market – a point that has been highlighted in our projections and updates on recent gold prices.

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