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I will be testing the best free gold trading strategies for you, my subscribers, so you will know which robot to trade within a real account challenge or a funded account at any moment. I came up with this idea after we tested many expert advisors’ gold trading strategies.


Best gold trading strategies

I had my team member Matt test several robots. He has already exported 21 different Expert Advisors from the MQL5 market and put 28 different types of EAs into one MetaTrader account. We run this account 24/7 on a dedicated VPS server. This way, we know at any given moment who the best Expert Advisors are, and I decided to make it public.

Where you can track the best performers of all time, no matter what time you are watching this article, and you will know which one of the expert advisors is the most profitable and how you can rank them according to the net profit, or you can use the profit factor that I like the most is looking at the net score this way, I know which expert advisor brought the most pips in the account because some of them trade in different amounts and that’s why net pips are better than net profit.


Types of gold trading strategies

If you sort them according to Net Pips, you will see that I have an Expert Advisor with magic number 123 at the top, so how do you know what this Expert Advisor is from MQL5 Marketplace? Only you can see the names of Expert Advisors with their magic numbers, so the Expert Advisor that performs best is Wiki Gold Pro version 1.2

Wiki Gold Pro features

You can see the EAs that we test and their respective magic numbers. Once you visit the stats and choose the best EAs according to your criteria, you can see in the table that EAs, in this case again, 123, the magic number, refer to the expert Wiki Gold Pro. Because we have done a lot of Work on that, I thought it would be beneficial for everyone.

If we keep testing these free Expert Advisors on our demo account on a VPS server, let me show you how I used these stats in one of my challenges from FundedNext. When I bought the challenge, I started using the Breakout and Trend Follow trading system, which showed the best results from all the free gold EAs I tested. At the top was the magic number 102 from this EA, but the end with 03 is from the EA, and you can see that lately, it has been losing a lot.


Breakout and Trend Follow the trading system.

It is the one that I was using the Breakout and Trend Follow trading system on the hourly chart. After a few days of trading, I noticed losses, so I switched to the version ending with 02. However, the results were not promising, so I switched to the expert advisor called CAP Breakout, which is another free expert advisor out of all the advisors I tested.

And this one is still showing profits, and it’s in second place and profitable. You can see that it brought in some profits from my challenge, but today, I saw that another expert advisor is performing better, and it’s precisely the advisor with the magic number 123 again. It’s the expert advisor Wiki Gold Pro; this is how I manage my Expert Advisors, and I keep testing all of them on a virtual or demo account.


Trade gold with CAP Breakout

I look at the last 30 days or so, and I want to trade the account that performed the best last month. Then, I’ll rank them by Net Score again because they’re trading different lots. At the top, I can see who’s the best performer. The CAP Breakout is still profitable, but if the performance of Wiki Gold Pro is better, I’d love to have that in my FundedNext challenge, and you can do the same with any account you’re on.

FundedNext Free Expert Advisor for Gold

You should share some of the things you should be aware of that we’ve noticed with the right gold trading indicator. You’re listening to me on this topic because we once had our own product support companies. We have a good idea of how this business works and what some of the Suspicious Tactics Support Firms Will Use. We have a group of nearly 500 funded algorithmic traders, so we constantly review support firms.


Financing in gold investment companies

We’ll then rank the financing into four categories on a scale of one to ten. The first category that we’re going to rate this support company on is its rules and regulations, so you can take a look at its website. They have Okay, the website is here, and we just want to take a look at it. Look at its different account types. They have three different account types. They have the Express type, which is pretty crazy. You have to make 25 in profit to qualify.

So I don’t know why anyone would do this, but the two most common ones are the evaluation and then they have the Stellar challenge. The Stellar challenge is different from the review in that it offers a little bit less profit in the first stage than the target, and then there’s no time limit for the challenge now; the difference with the model is The evaluation is that you have to achieve a profit target of 10 and have a time limit of four and eight weeks respectively.


Stellar Gold Trading Challenge

Now, I will talk about the Stellar Challenge because this is the account that most people will use, so you can look at the $100,000 account here. One exciting thing is that they allow a profit share from the challenge stages, which means you’ll make 15 of the profit from the challenge stages on your first return.

This means that if you make an eight percent profit on one hundred thousand dollars, that is 8, you will make 15 of that eight thousand dollars, and then in the second stage, if you make five percent, that is five thousand US dollars, you also get fifteen percent of the amount given to you.

This is only paid to you after you get your account funded and make the withdrawal. I think you have to make at least five percent of your account funded so you can qualify for this very nice standard. They have an eight percent profit. The goal in the first stage is a five percent profit. The goal in the second stage is a five percent maximum daily loss and a ten percent maximum total loss.



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