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Europe’s stock is retreating in anticipation of the US Federal decision, which is gold – gold-24

On Wednesday, Eurpdeclined earn equited, with investors moving significantly away from risk bets before the forthcoming US Federal Reserve decision on interest rates and monetary policy forecasts.

“The prices of both silver and gold have already involved a great deal of anticipation to ease monetary policy and economic conditions in the future, ” said Ole Hansen, head of the Saxo Bank’s commodity strategy, in a weekly note. As a result, both minerals are likely to experience periods of price volatility and potential downward pressure as investors adjust their expectations.”

India &’s analysts of gold increased discounts to their highest levels in seven months this week to attract customers where standard local prices damaged demand.

Price change

The price of gold in immediate transactions fell by 1.25 percent to $32,230 per ounce after reaching the lowest level of $4.49 earlier in the session and incurred a weekly loss of 3.4 percent in the worst week in 10 weeks. American gold futures fell by 1.6 percent to 2014 dollars.

Silver dropped 3.3 percent to $23 per ounce for other precious metals, the worst week since October 2022, and platinum increased 1.3 percent to $919. The country fell by 2.5 percent to $946 per ounce.

Stock movements

The European index “Stocks 600” dropped by 0.1%.

The German and French indices declined by 0.2 percent each after reaching record levels yesterday Tuesday.

Investors expect the Fed to stop raising interest rates in its decision later on Wednesday.

American inflation data released yesterday on Tuesday, which were higher than expected, could not change the bets on next year &’s lower interest rates.

Emphasis will be placed on the statements of the President of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, and the Central Bank &’s projections of short-term interest rates to obtain indications of when monetary policy will be facilitated.

The decisions of the European Central Bank and the Bank of England will be issued tomorrow, Thursday, and both are expected to prove interest rates.

The Basin arrow increased by 4.4 percent, and the arrow increased by 5.5 percent after lifting U Bank.بي.His credit rating for both companies made the chemical sector the biggest winner and climbed 1.1 percent.

The healthcare sector rose 0.9 percent as the Novo Nordisk arrow rose 1.6 percent.

The telecommunications sector lost 1.3 percent as the Vodafone stock fell 2.9 percent, which impacted the Stokes 600 index.

According to one analyst, a 9.2% arrow to the bottom of the Stokes 600 index came after Norwegian Hydrogen said that one of its clients had canceled an order, reflecting poor market conditions for this sector.

The stock fell 4.2 percent after the Norwegian insurance company said it took a lot of work to achieve its profit ambitions in 2023.

In France and Germany, the index indices briefly touched high record levels Tuesday after showing the unexpectedly high consumer price data in the United States last month, increasing tension in a week that will see major central banks issuing interest decisions.

The European Stokes 600 index fell 0.2% when closing, as customers retreated from their bets that the US Federal Reserve might begin to lower interest rates in March after deciding on the prices of American consumers.

The French index (Cack40) dropped 0.1% after rising to 0.4% and recorded the highest level ever at 7582.47 points daily.

The German index went up 0.3% and reached a high record level of 18,16837 points before the transactions concluded stable.

The market has also been affected by the slowdown in British wage growth in almost two years, although it continues to rise so rapidly that the Bank of England cannot ease its position on lower interest rates.

Karl Optical Tools’ stock jumped 6.5 percent after the company announced an increase in its annual revenue and a more optimistic forecast.

The Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, a drug producer, fell by 1.2 percent after a study showed that patients recovered weight after stopping a drug produced by Eli’s competitor.

Gold fell below $2,000 per ounce during Friday’s transactions with the rising dollar and treasury bonds after clients reduced their bets on US interest rate reductions by March after more robust job data than expected.

Job growth accelerated in the United States in November while the unemployment rate fell to 3.7 percent, indicating that labor market fundamentals remain strong and have made traders bet that until May, it may take the Federal Reserve to make the first reduction in a series of interest rate reductions next year.

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